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Peace of mind, before, during and after the trip

Solve your doubts from 72 hours before the departure of your trip in a quick and easy way.

Contact a doctor 24/7 wherever you are. Medical chat with exclusive service to ensure the well-being of you and your family.

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All the information on your insurance in the palm of your hand

View all your policies and documents at any time and from anywhere.

All the information on your insurance coverage and all your data in one place.

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Contact our support centre in just one click

Easily request free assistance with a single button.

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Conveniently manage your claims

Place claims and send documentation through the app quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions about the IATI APP

What are the possible statuses of my policy?

Your policy can have one of 5 statuses. Active: Policy corresponding to the current trip. Confirmed: Policy purchased pending the start of the trip. Completed: Policy corresponding to a completed trip. Expired: Policy completed more than one year previously. Returned: Returned policy

What happens when I send my claim/reimbursement?

When you send your claim or request for reimbursement, you will receive an email confirming receipt. The insurer will contact you to manage your claim or reimbursement as soon as possible.

Can I change my email address once I have purchased a policy?

You can change your email address in the “My account” section. Keep in mind that this will be the email address we will use to communicate with you.

Which documents do I need to attach to make a claim or request a reimbursement?

Each type of claim or reimbursement will indicate the documents you need to attach. We will contact you if we need any additional documents.

Will IATI manage my claims/reimbursements?

No, they will be managed by the corresponding insurer according to the policy.

What action can I take according to the status of my policy?

For an “Active” status, you can call the Helpline and manage your claims/reimbursements. For “Completed” policies, you can manage your claims/reimbursements. For all other statuses, you will not be able to take any action.

If I contact Customer service, will the insurer answer me directly?

No, if you contact Customer service, you will be contacting IATI.

What is my file number?

When you report a claim or request a reimbursement, the company will contact you and provide you with a file number. From that point, you will have to provide that number for any related procedures.

Where can I find the documents for my policy?

You can consult the documents in the “Policies” section. Select the policy you wish to consult, and you will be able to see and download the certificate and the terms and conditions.

When I select the option “call the Helpline”, who am I talking to?

When you call the Helpline, you will be directly contacting the insurer.

Are there any extra costs when calling the Helpline/Customer service? Via phone or internet

If you call the Helpline via the internet, there will be no extra costs if you are using a Wi-Fi connection. In the case of a phone call, it will depend on your contracted rate. In any case, if the call has any extra costs, they will be reimbursed as long as you submit the bill.