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What's the best travel insurance for me?
What IATI travel insurance do I need if I'm going on holiday abroad?
Depending on the type of trip and the coverage you need for your destination, you can take out an IATI Basic, IATI Standard, IATI Star, IATI Backpacker or IATI Family policy. The main difference between the first three is medical expense coverage, which is 50,000 in the first, 300,000 in the second and 1.000.000 in the third. IATI BACKPACKER is insurance for adventurous travellers with medical expense coverage of 500,000 IATI FAMILY is insurance for traveller families with medical expense coverage of 300,000 To travel to destinations such as the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, and in general Southeast Asian countries, where health is particularly expensive, we recommend our Star IATI product
I need medical assistance and cancellation insurance. What are my options?
All our insurance policies provide the option to add cancellation cover of up to €2,000.
I'm going to do adventure activities during my trip. What IATI travel insurance should I take out?
IATI Classic, IATI Total Confort and IATI Multitrip offer coverage for basic adventure activities (check the summary of coverage of each product). IATI Backpacker is especially designed to insure these types of activities. Therefore, it offers a premium adventure sports package, which you can check out in the summary of coverage.
What insurance policy do I need if I am going diving?
The IATI Backpacker insurance covers diving and underwater activities up to 40 metres deep. IATI Classic, IATI Total Confort and IATI Multitrip cover diving and underwater activities at a depth of less than 20 metres.
What insurance policy do I need if I am going trekking?
The IATI Backpacker insurance covers up to an altitude of 5,400 m. IATI Classic, IATI Total Confort and IATI Multitrip cover trekking up to an altitude of 3,000 m.
Cancellation insurance/cover
What is cancellation insurance for?
Cancellation insurance gives you reimbursement up to the limit you purchase for any expenses you incur and cannot directly recover from the travel supplier (such as flights, hotels), provided that you cancel the trip before it begins and for a reason covered by the policy.
Does cancellation cover include the cost of the travel insurance?
No, the cost of the insurance is not refundable. Cancellation covers only money paid to a travel supplier, such as flights, hotels and so on.
Can I take out cancellation insurance on its own?
No. Our cancellation insurance is an add-on to assistance insurance, which you can purchase after selecting your travel insurance in the product comparison.
Does the cancellation cover any reason for cancelling my trip?
No, each policy sets out the specific reasons for cancellation that it covers and that you can claim compensation for when you cannot be reimbursed by the travel supplier. The reasons accepted for cancelling a trip are set out in the full policy document for each travel insurance that provides cancellation cover IATI Standard, IATI Star, IATI Backpacker, IATI Family, IATI Students and IATI Cancellation.
What are my options if I want cancellation cover for my trip?
If you want a comprehensive policy with medical assistance and cancellation, you can take out IATI Standard (up to 1,500 cancellation costs), IATI Star (up to 5,000) IATI Backpacker (up to 2,000), IATI Family (up to 1,500), or IATI Students (up to 2000), depending on the coverage you need, with cancellation cover. If you only want cancellation cover, you can take out the IATI Cancellation which covers you for up to 6,000 per traveler.
When do I have to purchase cancellation insurance or insurance that includes medical assistance and cancellation?
IATI Cancellation: the same day you buy your airline tickets or travel package, or any time until the day before the trip, in which case there is a deferment period of 7 days.

IATI Standard, IATI Star/Premium, IATI Family and IATI Students with cancellation: to be covered for cancellation, you must purchase your insurance on the same day you buy your airline tickets or travel package, or within 7 days.
When does the cancellation cover start?
The cancellation cover starts as soon as you purchase the policy, regardless of whether the policy conditions include a deferment period of 7 days. Therefore, NO changes can be made to policies that include cancellation cover
Conditions of the policy
Is there excess on IATI travel insurance policies?
No, there is no excess with IATI.
Is there an age limit on IATI travel insurance?
Our only policy with an age limit is the IATI Backpacker, which is not available to anyone over 70 years old.
Does IATI travel insurance cover any type of luggage theft?
You are covered for luggage theft when intimidating means are used and provided you submit the corresponding police report. You are NOT covered if your luggage is not attended and you do not realise it is being stolen.
If I have an accident while travelling in a motor vehicle, does the travel insurance cover me?
Yes, the insurance covers you and the medical assistance you require up to the limit purchased. You are not covered for damage to the vehicle or damage that the vehicle causes to others.
In the event of accident or death, does IATI travel insurance cover repatriation costs?
Yes, repatriation coverage is unlimited in all of our policies.
Is the medical expense cover limit in my policy the maximum amount I will be covered for during the entire trip?
Our travel assistance policies have limited and closed coverage that cannot be modified on demand.
Can I modify or cancel my travel insurance once hired?
The travel assistance + cancellation policies are NOT modifiable or refundable.

Travel assistance policies WITHOUT cancellation, can be modified / canceled maximum 72 hrs. before the departure of the trip. It entails a surcharge of 10% of the paid price (minimum of 15 and a maximum of 50).
Can I upgrade or extend my IATI travel insurance?
You can contract a new policy IATI Backpacker , IATI Star with the same start date as the expiration of your current policy.
Do additional travellers have the same coverage as the main policyholder?
Yes, the coverage of our travel assistance policies are the same for all travellers included therein.
How the website works
Where can I find the full details of every IATI travel insurance policy?
There is a fact sheet for every policy containing the following information in the Travel Insurance section: description of the insurance, summary of coverage, details of cancellation cover (if applicable), and the full wording of the policy.
Can I find out the price of my IATI travel insurance online?
Fill in the form which is on the home page and the travel page of the product you are interested in and click on Get a quote
How I can get a written IATI travel insurance quote?
Fill in the form which is on the home page and the travel page of the product you are interested in and click on “Calculate quote”.Select the product and click “Continue”Fill in your personal details and click “Continue”Select your preferred payment method, check the box I have read and accept the terms of the contract and Information on Compliance Law 26/2006 and click on Purchase Policy
How can I pay for my IATI travel insurance?
You can pay for your travel insurance online by:

Card (Mastercard and Visa)Bank transfer (the policy will not be effective until we receive the amount or proof of the transfer)
Can I pay for my IATI travel insurance in installments?
No, the full amount must be paid in one payment
Clarifications about the policy purchasing process
What is my country of residence?
State your permanent place of residence, the place where we should take you in the case of repatriation.
I am travelling to several countries. What should I put under travel destination?
You can choose the furthest country
What does the flight Issue date refer to?
The date you purchase your airline tickets or travel package.
How long before the trip should I purchase my IATI travel insurance?
If your IATI travel insurance is without cancellation, you can purchase it up to the day before the policy start date. If you purchase your cancellation insurance together with your travel insurance, it must be purchased when you book the trip covered by this policy, or within seven days.
Can I purchase IATI travel insurance if my trip has already started and/or I amb at my destination?
Yes, you can take out the IATI Star and IATI Backpacker, and you will be covered for anything that happens to you as of the policy start date. No pre-existing conditions will be covered.
I am travelling with another person. Should we purchase a policy that covers us both or individual policies?
You should both be included in the same policy because you will be mutually covered in the event one of the insured persons requires assistance.
Is it cheaper to have several people included in the same policy?
No, the price per person insured is the same.
Should infants/children be insured in the policy?
Children should be insured just like adults.
Making a a claim
How do I make a claim under the policy?
If you need to use any of the services that you are covered for under your policy, call our 24-hour Helpdesk, give your name and policy number and we will tell you how to proceed.
What is the 24-hour Helpdesk number?
If you book any of our travel insurances can call to 00 34 934857735
What sould I do if I need medical assistance?
If you require medical assistance, call our 24-hour Helpdesk and give your name and policy number. Our operators will tell you what you need to do according to your circumstances.

If it is an emergency and you are already being assisted, call as soon as possible and we will tell you what to do next.
Can I call the 24 hrs Helpline reverse charges?
If the country you are in allows for reverse charges calls, we will accept the call.

If not, you can request reimbursement for the cost of calls made, providing proper proof and justification.
Do I have to pay medical charges up front?
If you call our 24-hour Helpdesk to receive medical assistance, you won’t have to pay any medical charges up front. We will take care of everything.

If it is an emergency and you are already being assisted, you will still be covered but you will have to pay any charges and be reimbursed up to the limit of your coverage, when you submit the invoices. In any event, you should still call us as soon as possible and we will tell you what to do next.