At IATI, with more than 135 years as leaders in the travel insurance sector, we have a deep affection for Morocco. On our blog, you can find detailed guides that will inspire you and help you make the most of this incredible country. We revisit Morocco time and time again to immerse ourselves in everything it has to offer, and we have no intention of stopping now.

Don’t cancel your trip to Morocco

On September 8th, the most intense earthquake on record struck parts of Morocco, leaving thousands of people dead, injured, and missing. Rescue teams are still working tirelessly to rescue and locate people trapped under the rubble. Many adobe buildings collapsed, burying hundreds of people, making the rescue efforts much more challenging.

Morocco needs our support. Despite the profound tragedy and widespread destruction, the country’s primary tourist destinations are still accessible, and thousands of families, both directly and indirectly, depend on tourism. Please reconsider canceling your trip to Morocco. Visiting the country now and exploring its beauty, flavors, landscapes, and people is a way to assist thousands of people in their recovery.

As part of #IATICommitment, we will donate 100% of the profits generated by the sales of travel insurance to Morocco, starting from yesterday until next Monday, September 18th. These funds will be directed to the Emergency Committee, a coalition of six NGOs responsible for providing direct aid on the ground.

Morocco needs our help. We are counting on your support.