What is the best travel insurance for Indonesia? If after all this time waiting for this great trip, you have already started preparing for it, you likely want to get your international policy for Indonesia. You have probably read on many blogs how essential it is to have one, but you may have many doubts about it.

Indonesia is an amazing country that awaits you with paradisiacal beaches, incredible temples, delicious cuisine, and hundreds of adventures. Therefore, as leaders in the insurance sector, we have prepared this complete guide in which we will show you what the best travel insurance for Indonesia is, what its coverage is, and how much it costs, we will also guide you through the simple contracting process.

In a few minutes, you will already have your policy and be one step closer to your visit to this spectacular country. Let’s get started!

Why hire travel insurance for Indonesia? 

In Indonesia a visit to the doctor due to any emergency translates into a high bill and assistance that is often carried out in hospitals of dubious quality. By having good travel insurance for Indonesia, you can travel with the security of knowing that, in the event of any setbacks, you will have all the necessary costs covered and will be treated in the best hospitals in the country. 

Indonesia is a destination that offers an endless number of plans for every type of traveller. You could travel there again and again, and there would always be new things to do! Therefore, it is necessary to have an international medical policy that ensures that, no matter what happens, it will protect you.

monument with pink flowers and a bird flying over in indonesia

A stumble when you are walking up the stairs of the ancient temple of Borobudur, which results in a small ankle sprain, a cut from the coral while snorkelling in the waters of Nusa Penida, indigestion from trying different flavours of Indonesian cuisine in Yogyakarta, a fall from your motorcycle while touring Bali, or even a minor health inconvenience that would not be concerning at home (infection, muscle problem, illness…) could turn into a visit to the wrong medical center and an outrageous bill that would ruin your trip. By travelling with the best travel insurance for Indonesia, you always ensure the best assistance without having to spend a single penny.

A good medical policy for this country should also protect you in cases beyond health. Problems with your luggage, violent theft, coverage for accidents on wheels, flight delays, missed connections, repatriation, and many other aspects are covered while travelling with your insurance for Indonesia.

What is the best travel insurance for Indonesia? 

We will dig into the features that your travel insurance for Indonesia should have to guarantee that you are protected from the start to finish of your adventure. All these features are included in IATI Backpacker, an insurance policy 100% designed for these types of destinations in which you are going to have a lot of adventures in a country where medical expenses come at a high price.

If you are already aware of the need to visit this country with the best policy on the market, do not wait any longer and get it now.

What should the best travel insurance for Indonesia have: Characteristics  

Each destination is different and just as you need a very specific policy to visit a European capital, your travel insurance for Indonesia must cover certain unique aspects of this country to carry out this adventure knowing that, whatever happens, you are covered. 

The following are the coverages that travel insurance for Indonesia must have, all of which are included in your IATI Backpacker: 

24/7 Assistance in Your Language 

If you face an emergency at any point during your trip, it’s crucial to be able to request assistance quickly and easily. What would happen if you had to do it, for example, in a language different from your own? It would be a waste of time and details could be left out. That’s why with your IATI Backpacker (click here if your country of residence is within the European Union; click here if your country of residence is not part of the European Union) travel insurance for Indonesia, we will always talk to you in your language so that this is not an obstacle for you.

In addition, you can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because we know your trip never stops. If you contact us by phone, you do not have to assume the cost of an international call, we will reimburse you for the expenses, you just have to send us proof of the cost.

Thanks to your international insurance, you will have free assistance 24/7 in your language. 

Broad coverage for medical assistance 

A visit to the doctor for a small coral cut while snorkelling can cost around 500 euros, therefore you can imagine that in the case of needing assistance for something serious like an accident or surgery, this amount could skyrocket to thousands of euros. Without good travel insurance for Indonesia, this could be a financial disaster, but thanks to your IATI Backpacker (click here if your country of residence is within the European Union; click here if your country of residence is not part of the European Union), you will have coverage of up to 500,000 euros for medical assistance.

This high coverage for medical assistance abroad ensures that you can receive the best treatment and even have access to a medical repatriation flight if necessary.

Adventure sports in Indonesia 

Indonesia is all about adventure and offers a wide range of possibilities to experience an incredible trip. Trekking through the jungle surrounded by orangutans, diving with mantas and sharks up to 40 meters deep, snorkelling alongside colourful fish, surfing on the famous beaches of Bali, hiking to the top of volcanoes like Ijen, canyoning down waterfalls, cycling routes…

All these experiences that will become memorable moments during your trip have something in common: they are considered adventure sports, but they are not covered by most international travel insurance policies for Indonesia.

However, thanks to the Adventure Sports coverage of your IATI Backpacker insurance, you can enjoy these and many more adventures knowing that you will always be backed up with the best policy and that you will have up to 15,000 euros exclusively to activate a search and rescue protocol if necessary.

3 people riding a bike wearing typical cultural hats in indonesia

Bodily injury in motor vehicles  

During this epic trip, you will cover many road trips. Sometimes aboard a 4×4 that will take you on a route, perhaps, through the Bromo Mountain National Park, and others in which you will mix with Bali’s chaotic traffic while driving a motorcycle. By having your IATI Backpacker, you will also be covered if you suffer an accident in a motor vehicle and need medical attention or hospitalization. 

Protection against natural disasters in Indonesia and other events 

This destination is in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This means that the likelihood of natural phenomena such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions is much higher than in other parts of the world. These events often result in, for example, airport and seaport closures and their respective flight and ferry cancellations.

Thanks to the best travel insurance for Indonesia, IATI Backpacker, you will have coverage of up to 500 euros that will allow you to extend your trip in case you are immobilized due to natural disasters or weather conditions, as well as strikes, terrorism, interventions by authorities, or other situations included in our extensive coverage.

Without deductibles and without paying upfront  

Many companies hide in small print the fact that their international policies work with deductibles, to try to disguise their prices and coverage. For example, a policy with a deductible of 100 euros will require you to pay, even if you have already paid your policy, the first 100 euros of each assistance you need. We do not think that is fair, and therefore, at IATI, we do not work with deductibles, and we will cover your medical expenses from the first cent. 

On the other hand, other companies require the traveller to pay for all the assistance received during their trip and once back, they must claim the refund and that can take weeks. Can you imagine enjoying Bali and having to face a bill of thousands of euros for an accident or a rescue? Your trip could sadly end there. This will not happen to you with IATI.

woman standing in a mountain in front of the sea in indonesia

The process with your IATI Backpacker is that simple. When you need assistance contact us, and we will direct you to the best quality center. When you arrive, they will already be waiting for you, and we will take care of the costs of the visit, as well as any necessary tests and medications. Choosing the best travel insurance for Indonesia makes all the difference. 

If, due to an emergency, you are unable to contact us, don’t worry. Just gather all the medical reports and invoices, and we will reimburse you as soon as possible.

Theft and loss of luggage included 

Indonesia is a safe country for tourists if minimal precautions based on common sense are taken. But just as it can happen in Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao… there is the possibility that you may face problems that go beyond your health.

Therefore, your travel insurance to Indonesia should also cover these types of situations. Your IATI Backpacker does! It will cover you up to 1,500 euros in case of loss of luggage or theft with violence, or up to 270 euros in case your transportation delays its departure, and you need to cover basic expenses beyond a 6-hour wait.

Cancellation Option – Canceling Your Trip to Indonesia 

Organizing this great trip will involve an investment in purchasing your flights, different transportation to move around, your accommodations, and your activities. One question that comes to mind for many travellers is, “What happens if I have to cancel my trip due to a serious reason? Do I lose all my money?”

With over 135 years of experience, at IATI we constantly adapt to your needs, which is why we were the first ones to offer the Trip Cancellation Supplement. Thanks to this, we will reimburse you up to 2,000 euros for expenses that you can’t recover directly from the travel provider if you have to cancel your trip.

At IATI, we will take care of you during your trip if you have to cancel it due to one of the many causes included in the policy.

beach with palm trees in indonesia

The coverage of travel insurance to Indonesia 

Now that you are aware of how essential it is to have insurance when travelling to Indonesia and know which coverages you must have, you may want to know all the details. On the IATI Backpacker page (click here if your country of residence is within the European Union; click here if your country of residence is not part of the European Union), you can see all the detailed information.

Here, as a summary of the main coverages, we show you this table so that you can visually know the major coverages of your policy.

Travel Insurance for Indonesia Medical Expenses Coverage (covid-19 included) Theft and baggage damage Repatriation Cancellation fees (optional) Adventure sports
IATI Backpacker 500.000 € 1.500 € 100% 2.000 € 100%

How much does travel insurance to Indonesia cost? 

The information that will convince you that IATI Backpacker is the best travel insurance for Indonesia is its price. As you can see in the following tables, the price of your policy for two weeks of travel (which is usually the average number of days that travellers choose for this destination) is even lower than one night in a mid-range hotel.

This makes your international medical insurance a tiny part of your travel budget that, on the other hand, will become a huge saving in case you need any type of assistance once you’re there.

IATI Backpacker for residents of the EU:

International health insurance Price for 1 week Price for 2 weeks Price for 3 weeks
IATI Backpacker 50,56€ 82,72€ 103,84 €

IATI Backpacker for non residents of the EU:

International health insurance Price for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
IATI Backpacker 50,56 € 82,72 € 103,84 €

How to purchase the best travel insurance for Indonesia  

Purchasing your travel insurance for Indonesia is a quick and simple process. Here are the steps:

In the menu, you will need to enter the details of your trip:

  • Your place of residence
  • The destination of the trip: in this case, Indonesia
  • The start and end dates of the trip
  • The number of travellers
  • Type of insurance: travel insurance

After completing the menu, click on “Get a quote”, select your IATI Backpacker and then click on “Contract”. At this point, you will have the option to add the Cancellation Supplement that we mentioned earlier, which will allow you to recover up to 2,000 euros in case you have to cancel your trip due to any of the situations covered. This is the favourite supplement of travellers who trust us, and it is worth it!

Enter your personal information, make the payment, and you will receive all the information about your travel insurance to Indonesia in your email, along with details on how to contact us in case you need any assistance.

That’s it! It’s that easy to purchase your policy for Indonesia.

Useful information for travelling safely to Indonesia 

Best time to travel to Indonesia  

In terms of climate, the best period for a trip to Indonesia is between march and september. During these months, you can expect better weather, more pleasant temperatures, and less chance of rain. However, as this is the most touristy season, prices can be higher, and it is recommended to make your reservations well in advance.

a wood cabin in the middle of the ocean indonesia

Security in Indonesia  

Indonesia is a safe country for tourists in most of its territory if the necessary precautions are taken. This is an important topic with many factors to consider.

Health in Indonesia  

Outside of its capital, it is often difficult to find quality healthcare centers in Indonesia that offer the best conditions for the patient. Additionally, travellers must face high prices to receive assistance, especially in tourist areas such as Bali.

Having travel insurance designed 100% for a destination like this ensures that you can be treated at the best centers in the country without having to pay a single penny. Don’t wait any longer and get your IATI Backpacker right now, the best travel insurance for Indonesia that will protect you with up to 500,000 for medical expenses.