What is the best travel insurance for the Maldives? The Maldives is the dream destination of thousands of travellers who seek to relax on white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. To enjoy the comfort of their luxurious resorts, or, for example, enjoy the incredible biodiversity of their underwater environments. If you have already started organizing this adventure, you must have begun to look at flight options to the country, accommodations, and travel insurance for the Maldives that will protect your health and wallet, so that nothing ruins this unique experience that you are about to embark on.

In this guide, we will focus on the last point and give you all the necessary information so that you can choose the best travel insurance for the Maldives. We will discuss the coverage you need in the country, its price, and how easy it is to get this insurance.

Are you ready to start this journey to paradise?

Why get travel insurance for the Maldives? 

The Maldives is a clear example of a country where having travel insurance is essential, as it is one of the countries where a doctor visit is costly, which makes it essential to have adequate travel insurance.

As you can imagine, in a country with over 1,000 islands, it is not always easy to find a medical center, let alone one of good quality. Sometimes, depending on the urgency, it may even be necessary to be transported to another nearby country where you can be treated with the best guarantees. Therefore, it is essential to have the best travel insurance for the Maldives.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

This spectacular archipelago awaits you with many spectacular activities. A simple stumble while walking the streets of the capital, Malé, can end in a minor ankle sprain; indigestion from trying the typical cuisine; a cut from coral while snorkelling or diving in its incredible underwater world, or simply any problem that would be less serious in our own country (an infection, back problems, routine medical care…) without travel insurance for the Maldives could result in a high bill and a visit to a medical center that is likely below the quality standards we are used to. 

a villa in the maldives

But your international medical insurance for the Maldives must go far beyond health-related issues and be by your side in case of any incident. IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star are the best policies for this trip. If your country of residence is within the European Union your best ally for this trip is IATI Total Comfort. If your country of residence is outside the European Union we recommend IATI Star.They take into consideration many more aspects and protect you in cases that may occur on a trip like this, such as problems with your luggage or theft. You will travel with serenity and if something happens, you can continue your journey.

What is the best travel insurance for the Maldives?  

In the next section of this guide to getting your travel insurance for the Maldives, we will detail the characteristics that your policy should have.

All of these, and many more, are included in the IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star travel insurances for the Maldives. So, if you are already aware of the importance of having the best policy for this trip, don’t wait any longer and get it now.

What features should the best travel insurance for the Maldives have? 

Your travel insurance for the Maldives must have extensive financial coverage to ensure your safety. In addition, it should come with specific coverage for a trip to this destination. Each trip is different and just as you would need specific coverage to travel to a European city, for a trip to the Maldives, your policy should have the following characteristics, all included in your IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star policies: 

Free assistance in your language 24 hours a day 

The official language of the country is Dhivehi, but most workers in tourist accommodations and activities you will engage in speak fluent English. Have you ever imagined needing some kind of assistance and not being able to request it in your language? It would be a big waste of time and in certain situations, it can be extremely necessary for someone to speak the same language as us.

That’s why with your travel insurance for the Maldives, we will always assist you in your language. In addition, we will be available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and you can contact us for free. If you do it by phone from abroad, you only need to send us the receipt for your international call, and we will reimburse you as soon as possible.

High Medical Coverage 

Due to the archipelago’s topography and deficiencies in terms of medical centers on most islands, in severe cases, you may even have to be taken to another country. Therefore, having the best travel insurance for the Maldives is the best guarantee, both for its high coverage and the possibility of medical transfer if necessary. 

That’s why we’ve provided the IATI Total Comfort travel insurance for the Maldives with up to €10,000,000 to cover any medical situation you may face and IATI Star with up to €1.000.000 to cover any health situation. Additionally, you will always receive this attention in the best medical centers and hospitals in the country. 

Adventure sports in the Maldives 

A trip to a “beach” destination like this is synonymous with water sports and adventure. As you may be surprised, most international medical insurance does not cover this type of activity. The IATI Backpacker travel insurance for the Maldives, thanks to its Adventure Sports coverage, will protect you when you are enjoying popular activities in this destination. Such as diving up to 40 meters, surfing, windsurfing, beach games, paddle boarding, kayaking/canoeing, jet skiing, zip-lining… and even snorkelling!

That’s right, activities that at first glance may seem so simple and that you may think are included in any travel policy, would not be included without the Adventure Sports coverage in your travel insurance to the Maldives. 

a villa in the maldives with blue water and a boat

No deductibles, you don’t pay anything out of your pocket  

Many insurers offer prices that hide in the small print that they work with deductibles. If there is a deductible of 100 euros and you need some medical assistance, you will have to pay the first 100 euros (even though you have already paid the policy), and the insurer will cover the rest of the bill if it is higher than 100€.

At IATI, we do not work with deductibles, and we cover every penny of your medical assistance.

No need to advance money for medical assistance  

On the other hand, there are private health insurances that, when you travel abroad and need medical assistance, in addition to covering only a part, require you to make the payment and only weeks later reimburse you. This could mean that you must pay thousands of euros in the middle of your trip to the Maldives for an emergency and only get it back weeks later.

With your IATI travel insurance, you won’t have to worry about that, we’ll take care of everything. 

The process to use your travel insurance for the Maldives is simple: when you need it, just contact us, and explain what type of assistance you need. We will quickly refer you to a quality medical center nearby, where they can help you. Once you get there, they will be waiting for you and, after your visit, we will take care of the costs of the consultation and any possible exams and medications prescribed by the professional.

Similarly, if due to an emergency, you cannot contact us before visiting the medical center, we will also be there to support you. Just send us the bills and medical reports and we will reimburse the costs as quickly as possible.

Lost luggage and theft included  

The best travel insurance for the Maldives should go beyond high medical coverage. You and your luggage are going to the Maldives, and that’s why we’ll also take care of protecting your belongings. Thanks to your IATI Total Comfort insurance, you will have up to 1,500 euros of coverage for cases such as robbery with violence or problems with your luggage. With IATI Star you will also be protected in such cases and you will have up to 2,500 euros of coverage.

Cancellation option – cancelling your trip to the Maldives 

On a trip like this, there is a considerable economic investment. Buying tickets to the country, reserving hotels and transportation, booking activities… So, it is possible that, like many other travellers, you may wonder: “What if I couldn’t make this trip for a serious reason? Will I lose all the Money invested?”

sunset in the maldives near the water with palm trees

At IATI, we have over 135 years of experience, we are innovation leaders and have adapted all our products to the needs of our travellers. To address this concern, we introduced the option of Trip Cancellation Supplement. Thanks to this coverage, if you cannot take your trip due to one of the many causes considered in the conditions, we will reimburse you up to 2,000 euros to recover travel expenses that you cannot receive from official suppliers. Therefore, if you wish, you can use this money to visit this paradisiacal destination when you can.

When you purchase your medical insurance to travel to the Maldives, you can easily add the Cancellation Supplement with a single click.

Travel Insurance Coverage for the Maldives  

Now that you know the coverage your travel insurance for the Maldives should have, you may be interested in learning more about the features offered by the most popular policies among travellers heading to this destination. On the IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star pages, you can find detailed information about our policy and its benefits.

In the following table, as a summary, we show you some of the coverages if you are travelling from the EU:

Travel Insurance for the Maldives Medical Expenses Coverage  Theft and baggage damage Adventure Sports Cancellation coverage (optional) Repatriation
IATI Total Comfort €10,000,000 €1,500 100% €2,000 100%

If you are travelling from outside the EU, here is the summary of the features of the best travel insurance:

Travel Insurance for the Maldives Medical Expenses Coverage  Theft and baggage damage Adventure Sports Cancellation coverage (optional) Repatriation
IATI Star €1.000.000 €2,500 100% €5,000 100%

How much does travel insurance for the Maldives cost?  

The cost of your travel insurance for the Maldives, is what will convince you of the great quality/price ratio.

As you can see, the price of a two-week trip is lower than the price of one night in a medium hotel, which means that your international insurance will be a minimal cost in your travel budget. 

In addition, this is an expense that will turn into a huge saving in case you need any type of assistance:

International health insurance Price for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
IATI Total Comfort 55 € 72,22 € 127,01 €


International health insurance Price for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
IATI Star 63,44€ 99,38 € 123,62 €

How to hire the best travel insurance for the Maldives  

Thanks to the intuitive menu, you will quickly see how easy it is to get travel insurance for the Maldives:

Simply enter the following information:

  • Your place of departure for the trip;
  • Travel destination: Maldives;
  • Start and end dates of the trip;
  • Number of travellers;
  • Type of insurance: travel insurance.

After filling in this menu and clicking on “Get a quote”, select your IATI Total Comfort or IATI Star insurance and click “Contract”. This is where, with just one more click, you can add the Cancellation Supplement, as we explained earlier, you can recover up to 2,000 euros in case you have to cancel your trip for any of the reasons considered.

Just enter your personal information, make the payment and in your email, you will receive the Maldives travel insurance details you just hired, with all the information to contact us if you need assistance.

And that’s it! In just 3 minutes, you have already ensured the tranquillity of your trip with the best coverage and the best price!

Useful information for travelling safely to the Maldives  

Best time to travel to the Maldives  

In terms of climate, the best time to travel to the Maldives is between january and april, thanks to its good temperatures and low presence of rain.

Between May and August, there is intense rainfall, although it is still possible to enjoy a safe trip to the Maldives.

The average annual temperature is around 28-29 degrees, so you have no excuse not to make this trip at any time!

a girl kayaking in the maldives

Security in the Maldives  

The Maldives is a very safe country for travellers within their tourist areas.

Health in the Maldives  

As it is an archipelago with more than a thousand islands, you may not always have quality health posts nearby. In addition, medical care in the country is very expensive for tourists.

That’s why IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star, the best travel insurances for the Maldives, is essential to visit this paradise. With its coverage in medical assistance, theft, adventure sports, or lost luggage, it ensures that you are protected throughout your trip. Get your travel insurance now!