What is the best travel insurance for Israel? If you are planning a visit to this eastern Mediterranean state, likely, you have already wondered which international policy to take out to get to know it with the best guarantees. Along with your flights and accommodation, travel insurance to Israel is the third pillar on which to start building this great trip, as international medical insurance to Israel is now a compulsory requirement to enter the country.

There are numerous attractions and activities in Israel that exceed your imagination. With all these plans in mind, it is crucial to ensure that you are always well taken care of. That’s why, in this guide, we will provide you with information about the best travel insurance for Israel, including the optimal coverage options and how to obtain it quickly and effortlessly.

Prepare your luggage, as within a few minutes, you will have your policy in hand, allowing you to embark on the journey of exploration that awaits you. Let’s begin!

⚠️ Update: Travel insurance to Israel is now mandatory to enter the country and must have coverage for covid-19.

Why get travel insurance for Israel?

In Israel, healthcare costs can be exorbitant, meaning you would be responsible for covering these costs entirely on your own. Additionally, there is a risk of receiving treatment in medical facilities of questionable quality.

Previously, it was highlighted the importance of having travel insurance for Israel to safeguard you throughout your visit. However, due to recent changes in the entry requirements, it now directly states that possessing an international travel insurance policy for Israel is a mandatory document, without which you will not be permitted entry into the country.

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A stumble while strolling through the captivating cities, resulting in a sprained ankle, falling ill from indulging in the rich gastronomy, or experiencing a heat stroke while visiting Masada. These are situations that could be easily resolved back home but may lead to significant expenses if you lack a comprehensive insurance policy. However, with the right insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you will have access to top-notch specialists in the country without having to spend a single penny.

The best international insurance for Israel not only covers your health but also extends its benefits to other potential incidents that can occur during your trip. From theft and luggage problems to flight disruptions and even repatriation, this insurance offers comprehensive coverage for various unexpected situations.

What is the best travel insurance for Israel?  

In the next section of this guide to getting your travel insurance for Israel, we will detail the characteristics that your policy should have.

All of these, and many more, are included in the IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star travel insurance for Israel. So, if you are already aware of the importance of having the best policy for this trip, don’t wait any longer and get it now.

What the best travel insurance Israel should have: features

Every destination, as we always say, is like its own little universe. But when it comes to traveling to Israel, you can’t settle for just any old insurance. You need to have the absolute best travel insurance possible to be 100% covered for whatever comes your way and to enjoy your trip with total peace of mind.

These are the essential covers that you will find in this super policy:

24/7 Assistance in your language

When things go wrong, whether it’s a small mishap, falling ill, or a major accident, getting help should be simple and fast. Just imagine having to ask for assistance in Hebrew or English. Even if you have some understanding, it could be a hassle and, in some cases, even a matter of life and death.

But with your travel insurance to Israel, the IATI Total Comfort or IATI Star, you’ll always get help in your own language, making everything much easier for you. And guess what? We’re here for you 24/7, every single day, without any exceptions.

If you give us a call and show us the receipt, we’ll even reimburse you for the expense, so you don’t have to pay for those international calls.

Best part? It’s all completely free, all day, every day, and in your language.

Extensive Medical Assistance Coverage

Israel is known worldwide for its high costs of medical assistance, making it crucial to have a travel insurance policy that can handle this challenge and ensure your trip doesn’t end with a burdensome bill overshadowing your entire experience.

With IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star insurance, you can relax and enjoy your trip. It offers an incredible coverage limit of up to 10,000,000 euros with IATI Total Comfort and up to 1,000,000€ with IATI Star. Rest assured that if the need arises, you will receive treatment from top-notch specialists in the finest medical facilities across the country, without having to worry about the expenses. From comprehensive medical assistance to hospitalization and access to first-class medical tests, everything you need is readily available to you.

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Adventure Sports in Israel

Israel not only offers incredible historical sites that you can’t afford to miss during your visit, but it also presents an array of thrilling adventures for adrenaline junkies.

From breathtaking treks to scuba diving in unique locations, snorkelling, and engaging in activities like surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or embarking on bike tours, the options are endless. These exhilarating experiences fall under the category of adventure sports, which are often not covered by the majority of insurance companies. However, with your IATI travel insurance, you can enjoy these activities and more, knowing that you’re fully covered in case of any unforeseen events or accidents. The Adventure Sports Coverage included in your policy ensures your peace of mind throughout your adventurous endeavors.

No Deductibles, No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

When obtaining international insurance for your trip to Israel, it’s important to be cautious as many policies hide deductibles in the fine print. But what does this mean exactly? Well, let’s say there’s a typical deductible of 100 euros. In this case, regardless of having paid for your travel policy, you would always be responsible for the first 100 euros of each assistance you receive.

At IATI, we have great news for you. None of our travel insurance policies have deductibles. This means that whenever you require medical assistance, we will cover the costs from the very first cent, ensuring you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s important to remember that you’ll have an impressive coverage limit of 1,000,000 euros and 10,000,000 euros (depending on your country of residence), offering you peace of mind throughout your journey.

No upfront payment for medical care

It’s important to keep in mind that most private medical insurance policies that provide coverage abroad (typically much less comprehensive than the IATI travel insurance for Israel) work in a cumbersome manner. In case of an emergency, you would be responsible for finding a medical center, paying the expenses upfront, and then going through a lengthy process to get reimbursed. In the event of a serious incident, this could mean paying thousands of euros out of your own pocket, which could completely ruin your trip.

With IATI, we make things much simpler and more convenient for you. When you require assistance and reach out to us, we will swiftly guide you to the best-equipped medical center to address your case. They will be prepared for your arrival, and we will handle the costs of the assistance, including tests, admissions, and even prescribed medications from specialists.

If, due to an emergency, you have to visit a hospital without being able to contact us beforehand, don’t worry! Simply send us the medical reports and relevant invoices. With your international policy for Israel, we will reimburse you as soon as possible, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Loss of luggage and theft included

The best travel insurance in Israel covers everything that can happen on a trip, far beyond health. That’s why you’ll also be covered for loss of luggage or robbery with violence (up to 1,500 euros with IATI Total Comfort and up to 2,500 euros with IATI Star) and others focused on delays in the departure of your means of transport, delayed delivery of luggage, repatriation or, among many others, even the transfer of a family member with you.

Whatever happens during your trip, we want you to know that we will be by your side.

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Cancellation option – cancellation of your trip to Israel

Organizing a trip of this magnitude involves purchasing plane tickets, booking accommodations, and arranging various services and activities—a significant investment, indeed! Therefore, it’s common to have concerns such as, “What happens if I have to cancel my trip due to a serious reason?” or “Will I lose all the money I’ve already invested?”

At IATI, we boast over 135 years of experience in the travel insurance industry and are industry leaders because we continually update our products to cater to your needs. That’s why we were pioneers in creating the Travel Cancellation Supplement. With this supplement, if you are unable to embark on your journey due to any of the numerous covered reasons, we will reimburse you up to 5,000 euros for expenses that you cannot recover directly from your official travel suppliers.

With just one click, you can obtain the preferred supplement of thousands of travelers when you purchase your IATI travel insurance for Israel. Let us show you how right away.

Travel Insurance Coverage for Israel

Now that you know the coverage your travel insurance for Israel should have, you may be interested in learning more about the features offered by the most popular policies among travellers heading to this destination. On the IATI Total Comfort and IATI Star pages, you can find detailed information about our policy and its benefits.

In the following table, as a summary, we show you some of the coverages if you are travelling from the EU:

Travel Insurance for Israel Medical Expenses Coverage  Theft and baggage damage Adventure Sports Cancellation coverage (optional) Repatriation
IATI Total Comfort €10,000,000 €1,500 100% €2,000 100%

If you are travelling from outside the EU, here is the summary of the features of the best travel insurance:

Travel Insurance for Israel Medical Expenses Coverage  Theft and baggage damage Adventure Sports Cancellation coverage (optional) Repatriation
IATI Star €1.000.000 €2,500 100% €5,000 100%

How much does travel insurance for Israel cost?  

The cost of your travel insurance for Israel, is what will convince you of the great quality/price ratio.

As you can see, the price of a two-week trip is lower than the price of one night in a medium hotel, which means that your international insurance will be a minimal cost in your travel budget. 

In addition, this is an expense that will turn into a huge saving in case you need any type of assistance:

International health insurance Price for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
IATI Total Comfort 42 € 68 € 100,01 €


International health insurance Price for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
IATI Star 63,44€ 99,38 € 123,62 €

How to hire the best travel insurance for Israel?

Thanks to the intuitive menu, you will quickly see how easy it is to get travel insurance for Israel:

Simply enter the following information:

  • Your place of departure for the trip;
  • Travel destination: Israel;
  • Start and end dates of the trip;
  • Number of travellers;
  • Type of insurance: travel insurance.

After filling in this menu and clicking on “Get a quote”, select your IATI Total Comfort or IATI Star insurance and click “Contract”. This is where, with just one more click, you can add the Cancellation Supplement.

Just enter your personal information, make the payment and in your email, you will receive Israel travel insurance details you just hired, with all the information to contact us if you need assistance.

And that’s it! In just 3 minutes, you have already ensured the tranquillity of your trip with the best coverage and the best price!

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Useful information for safe travel to Israel

Best time to travel to Israel

Israel’s coastal area boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate, making the period from April to September an ideal time to plan your visit. During these months, you can enjoy the region’s mild temperatures and make the most of its beautiful beaches. In the winter season, temperatures in inland areas tend to drop, providing a more comfortable experience for exploring the desert regions.

Health in Israel

Israel has leading hospitals and great specialists. However, the cost of health care for foreigners is usually very high. Having travel insurance to Israel, as well as being mandatory, ensures you free access to the best hospitals.