Imagine the year 1885, when most journeys happened on the high seas, and global travel insurance was just getting started. That’s the time when IATI set sail on its adventure. Fast-forward more than 130 years, and we’re still going strong, now in the hands of the fourth generation of a pioneering family. Keep reading and discover our IATI insurances: a journey through our products.

IATI’s lasting success boils down to a straightforward but powerful belief: a rock-solid dedication to quality and exceptional service, always with our clients front and centre.

At IATI, we’re more than just an insurance company; we like to think of ourselves as a company with a heart and a soul. We’re fuelled by a dynamic team of individuals who believe in blending tradition with innovation. Our journey through time mirrors the evolution of communication, from snail mail to the digital age of websites, social media, chat, and our very own app.

As we gear up to face the future, our focus remains firmly on innovation, as we strive to reach more customers every day while maintaining our commitment to quality and personal service. So, join us on this journey as we delve into the world of IATI and explore the exciting range of products and services that define our legacy of trust and adaptability.

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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Many travellers grapple with this question, often viewing travel insurance as an unexpected expense that wasn’t part of their planned budget. What if we told you that opting for an IATI insurance policy represents only a small fraction of your overall travel expenses? That’s right!

By choosing an IATI travel insurance policy, you can focus 100% on your journey and make the most of every adventure without worrying about anything other than having fun. Whether it’s a minor mishap like stumbling down the steps of a historic monument, encountering issues while snorkelling among exotic fish (especially on adventure-focused trips) or even facing common medical needs you’d typically address back in your own country, such as digestive discomfort, headaches, the flu, or back pain – without proper medical coverage, these seemingly minor incidents can result in bills amounting to thousands of euros. This is especially true in places with basic healthcare facilities like India or countries known for their high medical costs like the USA.

Why Choose IATI for Your Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Medical Assistance

We’ve already emphasized the importance of travel insurance when it comes to medical assistance abroad, where costs can be sky-high or the quality of care questionable. At IATI, we go the extra mile, and all our policies include medical coverage abroad. The coverage amount varies from policy to policy.

Medical costs can skyrocket in certain countries, and even a simple visit to a quality hospital for a check-up involving basic tests like an analysis or an X-ray can easily exceed 500 euros. Another common scenario is that some countries lack the necessary facilities to address your medical needs. When you have travel insurance, you ensure that whatever issues arise, you’ll always be treated by the best specialists without having to pay out of your pocket.

Best Price/Quality Guarantee

Our excellent price-to-quality ratio will convince you that IATI offers the best travel insurance, no matter your destination. Purchasing travel insurance is a small expense within your travel budget.

If you ever need assistance, your travel insurance will translate into substantial savings, as you won’t have to foot the bills, which could amount to thousands of euros. Travelling safely doesn’t have to break your budget.

Assistance in Your Language

When you require assistance, whether it’s medical or any other form of help, the last thing you want is to explain your problem over the phone in a language different from yours. Can you imagine having to explain in a foreign language that you require urgent help in the middle of a complicated situation? That could waste precious time and be vital in certain cases.

That’s why with your IATI travel insurance, you’ll always be attended to in your language. And if required, we’ll provide an interpreter to assist with translations.

You can reach out to us 24/7 for free. If you contact us by phone from abroad and send us the call invoice, we’ll reimburse you, so you won’t have to pay the international call charges.

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Adventure Sports Coverage

Most of our policies provide coverage for adventure sports.

Coverage for adventure sports is essential in your travel insurance, especially if your trip is packed with adventurous activities.

Whether you want to explore the depths of the sea, wander through lush nature, engage in adventure sports, or more, choose a travel insurance policy that includes adventure sports coverage. IATI Backpacker coverage includes activities like snorkelling, diving up to 40 meters, kayaking, zip-lining, and hiking.

No Deductibles, You Won’t Pay Anything Out of Pocket

Many insurance companies hide in the fine print that their policies have deductibles. This means that, for example, with a deductible of 100 euros, every time you need any kind of medical assistance, you’ll have to pay the first 100 euros, even after already paying for the policy.

At IATI, we don’t work with deductibles, and we always assist you from the first cent of your medical assistance, so you won’t have to worry about money.

Loss of Luggage and Theft Included

On a trip, many things can happen besides health issues. That’s why IATI travel insurance policies are designed to cover various situations, not just health-related ones. You’ll have coverage for luggage problems or theft, including theft with violence, in all our policies.

The coverage for loss of luggage depends on the policy you choose, so please check the specific coverage on the insurance page you intend to purchase.

Cancellation Option – Cancel Your Trip

Being protected not only during but also before your trip is another important aspect of having travel insurance. This is possible thanks to our cancellation coverage designed to prevent you from losing money on flights, accommodations, and activities.

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Best Travel Insurance for residents of the EU

If your country of residence is within the EU this section is for you:

IATI Classic

IATI Classic is not only our cheapest travel insurance. This policy also features a broad range of coverage with moderate premiums, which allows you to travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world. The value for money of our insurance is indisputable: €500,000 for medical assistance; repatriation; basic adventure sports and many other types of cover that you can find in the drop-down menu below on this page.

IATI Backpacker

This policy is specially designed for backpackers who are setting off to see the world without knowing exactly which countries they will visit how long the trip is and who may take some risks. It combines high medical coverage of €500,000 with our classic cover and other specific upgrades such as adventure sport premiumsearch and rescue, and computer equipment in your luggage.

IATI Total Comfort

IATI Total Comfort is our best travel insurance. It offers the highest value in medical assistance. This policy covers a high amount of medical expenses, which makes it the best insurance for countries with extremely high healthcare costs, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

IATI Multitrip

IATI’s annual travel insurance is specially designed for those with itchy feet, who don’t stop travelling throughout the year, whether for leisure or work. IATI Multitrip covers all your trips of up to 90 days during 365 days.

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Best Travel Insurance for residents outside the EU

If your country of residence is outside the EU this section is for you:

IATI Basic

This policy offers moderate medical expenses of €50,000 for people who want to travel with the peace of mind of having minimum coverage for medical assistance and other basic coverage.

 IATI Standard

Our IATI Standard travel policy provides medium-level coverage of €300,000 of medical expenses, which is suitable for most holiday packages, especially short and medium journeys, in addition to our classic complementary coverage such as repatriation, theft and damage to luggage, advance money, etc.

IATI Backpacker

This policy is specially designed for backpackers who are setting off to see the world without knowing exactly which countries they will visit how long the trip is and who may take some risk. It combines high medical coverage of €500,000 with our classic cover and other specific upgrades such as adventure sport premium, search and rescue, and computer equipment in your luggage.

IATI Cancellation Premium

This travel cancellation insurance is specifically designed to cover travel cancellation expensesup to €6.000, which may be incurred as a result of not being able to travel for any of the reasons defined in the policy. The reasons for which you are entitled to make use of this cancellation cover are defined in the general conditions of the policy.

Still, have doubts that travelling with IATI is the right choice? We’re sure you don’t. If you already have a trip planned, don’t wait any longer – book today the best companion for your next journey.